Wireless Charger for iPhone4 & 4s

iphone charger

I can’t believe how these wireless chargers have dropped in price since they first came out! I remember thinking what a revolutionary idea it was but they were about £100+ if you went for the mat too.
Now at under £20 this are both functional and gimmicky, just what any iDad would drool over! A must buy!

  • Fits anywhere
  • Perfect alignment
  • The Powermat sound
  • Perfect charge for every device
  • Auto shut-off

Now charging your iPhone 4 is as simple as setting it down! Complete solutions are pre-pack bundles pairing a Powermat one position charging mat and a receiver to provide a seamless upgrade to wireless charging. Charge your iPhone 4 with the Powermat 1Xi and Receiver Case for iPhone 4.

What an amazing item! Since purchasing a powermat I have purchased it for my friends ,boss and my son for I-phones, I-pods and sony psp which gets rid of all them charging leads and makes it easy to just place your item on the mat and stops wear on charging socket.

I really recommend getting the charger mat too which allows you to charge 3 devices by simply laying them on the mat. It’s dropped in price from £96 to £5… BARGAIN!!!

This is on my wish list for Fathers Day.

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