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I couldn’t quite believe how affordable these are now and whether you’re a Spy Dad or just wanting to keep an eye on your home, this wireless cctv camera would be a great gift.

Look on the Amazon page and you’ll think it’s another language so let us break it down a bit. This video camera can be easily mounted in your house with just a power lead and will trigger when someone is detected by the motion sensors, much like a house alarm. A message can be then be sent by email or will be recorded and not only can you watch what’s going on, you can speak to the person through the built in microphone and speaker!

I’ve been researching these because I want to watch my dog while we’re out. She’s an angel when we’re in the house but leaves chewed up pens and notes all over the floor when we return home. This video camera is perfect as I can shout at her from my phone (except I’ll get a few looks as people see me talking to my dog on the phone!)

Will I have to wait until Fathers Day? Lets hope not.


Purchased two and was not expecting them to be as good as they are. Overall the picture quality is much higher than I expected it to be and everything appears to work as it should, making these quite a bargain and I might well pick up some more.

Now here’s the techy version…

  • Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11 b/g; Support WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption; Support dynamic IP (DDNS) and UPnP LAN and internet (ADSL.Cable Modern)
  • Motion detection alert via email or upload to a specified FTP server; Multi-level users management with password protection; Allow remote viewing & record from anywhere anytime;
  • Support IE brower or any other standard browsers, you can use and control the webcam anythere in the world; Support mobile phone view & P/T control such as Iphone & smartphone (Windows mobile I.E., safari & opera browsers)
  • Built-in Microphone and speaker allow you to communicate with people directly; Allow remote Pan/Tilt control (Pan: 270° & Tilt: 120°) Auto IR-LED illumination for night vision (up to 8 meters)
  • Simple to setup, friendly GUI, DIY installation; High image & video quality, Two-way audio monitoring; Multi-Language support: English. French, Spanish and Chinese’


2 comments on “Wireless CCTV Camera

  1. Matt Burney on said:

    Bought this CCTV camera through presents-for-dads.co.uk and very pleased with it. The ‘easy set up guide’ that comes in the box isn’t that ‘easy’, but once set up im able to control it through an app on my phone which keeps it simple and easy. Good quality lens in both daylight and Infrared mode,
    It’s well worth the money.

    • Support on said:

      Really pleased to hear that Matt. I’ve got one on order too so I’ll be in touch for your expert advice now ;-)

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