Toilet Golf Trainer

toilet golf

Ha Ha! Do we find you some great presents or what!

This is a must have for any golfing Dads or more importantly ‘wanna be’ golfing Dads.

The Longridge Potty Putter Golf Trainer helps improve your putting skills whilst on the job.
Complete with:
  • Mat (Golf Green)
  • 2 Golf Balls
  • Putter
  • Cup and flag – not sure if it’s hole no.2!.. for no.2’s, get it?!?
  • And the best bit a ‘do not disturb’ sign

Now he won’t need to drive to the golf course on a Saturday morning to practice and think of all the extra jobs he could get done. I reckon this is genius!

As long as you take this as it is, the Potty Putter is a joke present that is value for money and brings a whole load of laughs with it.

NOTE: Not recommended if you only have one bathroom!

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