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Is you’re Dad (or your kid’s Dad) in need of a Gym Membership but you don’t want to throw away £70/month? This could be a step in the right direction.

This ‘Upper Body Workout Bar‘ (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) can transform any doorway into a gym. It’s perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups, press-ups, dips and more, all giving him the perfect upper body.

I know from my days at the gym that my trainer used to get me on the mats using my own body weight in resistance training and this is the same idea. You’re using your own weight to lift or push and as you can see from the comments on Amazon it works great.

There’s no permanent fixtures required, so he can’t use the excuse that his drill’s broken!

  • Practical, inexpensive and versatile home fitness device
  • Great for upper body workouts or strengthening your stomach, back and arm muscles
  • Ideal for isolating and strengthening your central back muscles
  • Door frame about 32 ins wide (80 cm) and 7 ins deep (18 cm) is ideal for pull-ups
  • Exercise effectively in several different ways with just one piece of equipment

Ultra Sport 4-in-1 Upper Body Workout Bar / Door Bar / Exercise Bar / Doorway Pull Up Bar – Silver/Black



Ultra Sport 4 in 1 Gym bar

With the Ultra Sport door gym, you’ll get a whole lot closer to your sporting goals.
This one-unit device features a whole world of exercising options.
It can be used to effectively work out all of the muscles in your upper body.
Optimal biceps and triceps training. Pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and much more are all possible with this device.
The Ultra Sport door gym can be used quickly and just about everywhere thanks to its easy assembly.
A door frame about 32 ins wide (80 cm) and 7 ins deep (18 cm) is ideal for pull-ups.


Ultra Sport 4-in-1 Upper Body Workout Bar

No more drilling holes – The Ultra Sport gym adapts to almost any door frame – Whether at home or office
Ideal to isolate the key back muscles and increase strength
Effective practice with only one device

About Ultra Sport:

We have been producing a variety of products for the sports and outdoor segment successfully for many years.
We distribute these products exclusively at Amazon under the brand name Ultra Sport.
Discover more exclusive offers, great bargains, and product highlights.


Ultra Sport 4 in 1 Gym/Multitrainer

This is a winner for me and there are books and videos recommended on Amazon too.

The price is cheaper than I’ve found on several other websites so what are you waiting for? You can have the Dad/Husband you’ve been dreaming about!

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