Smartcafe Cafetiere Hot Mug


I saw a friend with one of these recently and thought it was an excellent idea – Proper coffee in a hot mug!

  • Keep proper coffee, and your favourite hot drinks hot for longer with this double walled Hotmug
  • Drink a good cup of ground coffee with this cafetiere Hotmug
  • Available in three colours
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Very simple, add ground cafetiere coffee and hot water, press it down after a couple of minutes, add milk and suger to taste

This is the simplest way of making one cup/mug of fresh coffee that I know of without having expensive machines. Highly recommended.

I looked around at the alternatives and this has over 500 4.5 star reviews! Not many products get that.

I’ve got my order in for one anyway ;-)

One comment on “Smartcafe Cafetiere Hot Mug

  1. Adrian on said:

    Mine just arrived this morning after just 2 days.
    It’s dead easy to use, just pop your coffee in, add water, wait 3-4 mins then plunge.
    The filter does an excellent job and nothing escapes (which was my fear).
    I’ll be using this constantly now, goodbye instant!
    Highly recommended *****

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