Northern Belle Dining Experience for Two


If Supercars are a bit much for Dad, maybe a trip on the Northern Belle is a more appropriate way to mark his big day.

The Northern Belle carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express provide the ultimate in stylish and enjoyable excursions from major stations throughout the UK. Lavishly furnished with beautiful fabrics, intricate marquetry and glistening brass, every detail oozes with the romance of travel. This package allows Dad and a guest to enjoy a sumptuous lunch or dinner with wine and Champagne.
Upon booking in for your chosen date with Venice Simplon-Orient- Express, all necessary itineraries and information will be sent to you. You will both be served a five course lunch or four course dinner with wine and Champagne as you journey into the English countryside, although on special occasion trips the dining package offered may vary. Your round trip will last approximately four hours. This package is for two people.

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