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This iPhone / iPod docking station offers great value for money and if you want to really give Dad a great gift, why not add the bluetooth adapter to make it wireless, I did!

An App-enhanced Stereo Speaker for iPod and iPhone

The HouseParty 4-Evo is an app-enhanced stereo speaker that’s bursting with sound. With 30W of power available to the HouseParty 4-Evo, the digital amplifier means the speaker effortlessly produces low resonance sounds, crystal clear acoustics and thumping bass. Add that to the 7EQ settings and FM radio, and you’ll find that the 4-Evo offers a great combination of sound, looks, and features to effortlessly fill your home with music.

The HouseParty 4-Evo also comes with a universal iPod/iPhone dock. Removing the need for separate docking wells for each model that you own, the spring-loaded dock is the easy way to quickly free the music inside. What’s more, you can even dock your iPod/iPhone with a case on, meaning less time connecting and more time for your music.

The included remote allows you to control the HouseParty 4Evo from your bed or sofa.

The included remote allows you to control the HouseParty 4-Evo from your sofa. Click here for a larger version.
Remote Control Included

The HouseParty 4-Evo includes a handy remote control that allows you to operate the speaker from elsewhere in the room. As well as playback controls, you’ll also be able to adjust the volume, EQ levels and mode settings, as well as accessing the menu, repeat or shuffle functions.


The HouseParty 4-Evo is part of a new wave of great sounding app-enhanced speaker products from GEAR4. SmartLink is a free app that adds features and functionality to compatible SmartLink products. Download the app from the App Store to enjoy two-way interactivity between your iPhone or iPod touch interface and speaker. What’s even better, you can control the speaker wirelessly over Wi-Fi, including your music. Simply dock a 2nd iPhone or iPod touch and use the device in your hand as remote control

SmartLink allows you to control it all without leaving the App:

  • Autotune FM stations – no need to manually tune.
  • Edit station lists – remove or add stations as you wish.
  • Remote Control – Remotely control a docked iPod/iPhone via Wi-Fi using another iPhone
  • SmartLink App unlocks additional features in SmartLink speakers.
  • Fully featured built-in MediaPlayer – no need to quit the app when you want to listen to an iPod track

App-enhanced Features

Smartlink app display styles - Steel and Digital

The SmartLink app has two display styles and will store all your FM stations. Click here for a larger version.
Remote Control

Control your speaker from the other side of the room with the remote control feature available with the SmartLink app. Simply dock an iPod touch or iPhone to the device, and you’ll be able to access all the functionality through a second iOS device in your hand.

FM Radio

Automatically find all FM stations in your area by the press of a single button. Your FM stations get stored in the app, including their RDS name (where available) and can be reordered at will. Instead of constantly tuning up and down, just press the name of the station you want to listen to.

Digital and Steel Display Styles

The SmartLink app features two display styles: Steel and Digital. Switching from one style to another is instant.

Organise Your Favourite Stations

With the HouseParty 4-Evo, it’s easy to save and organise your favourite radio stations. You can even move the stations around into your own order of preference, allowing you to listen to what you want without endless searching.

Set Alarms

Create alarms wherever you are with SmartLink’s easy-to-use interface. Once you are done, simply dock your iPhone, launch SmartLink and your alarms will be synced with the speaker.

Synch the time, set alarms, and view the weather for the week ahead with the Smartlink app.

Synch the time, set alarms, and view the weather for the week ahead with the SmartLink app. Click here for a larger version.
Clock Display

The SmartLink app offers 4 styles of clock, which can be used while playing music or FM radio. Alarm times are shown on your iPhone screen and if your speaker does not include alarm clock functionality, SmartLink will add it. Create as many alarms as you need and choose to wake up to your playlists or normal buzzer.

Dimmable Screen

When you’re a light sleeper, the last thing you need is a bright LCD display lighting up the room. That’s why the HouseParty 4-Evo lets you dim the screen with a simple gesture – a single swipe of the finger will reduce the brightness, helping you to get an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Weather Info

The SmartLink app offers also allows you to access and display up-to-date weather information for your location, including current temperatures, conditions, and the high and low temperatures expected for that day. You’ll also be able to see at a glance the forecast for the next five days, allowing you to plan for the week ahead.

Music Player

SmartLink includes a built-in music player to access your iPod library. You can search for songs, browse playlists and even display album artwork in full screen and without closing the app. The music player also contains a visualiser.


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