So what are you buying your Dad or your Husband for Father’s Day this year?

June 16th is almost here and I bet you don’t have a clue!

Don’t just buy him some beer, a pair of socks and maybe a DVD that’s on offer. That’s what you normally do right?

Why not raise the bar this year by surprising him with something different! ‘What is this gift’  I hear you say. Well that depends on the type of Dad you have so I’ve come up with some fresh ideas for different types of Dads. There are plenty more throughout the website, all with links through to Amazon or BuyAGift for convenient, familiar payment.

 1. The ‘Coffee Loving Dad’ 

coffee2 When I first saw this coffee cup and put it on my website I just had to buy one. At under £10 this is a great way to brew fresh coffee for just one cup. Previously, if I fancied a fresh coffee I’d either pull out the cafetiere and have to make one or worse still turn on the filter coffee machine. With this great little cup from Smartcafe I just add a scoop of coffee, pour on the water and plunge! Not only is it super convenient but the the insulated mug keeps your coffee hot for longer.

I can recommend this first hand as a great, convenient gift idea.


 2. The ‘Appreciated Dad’ 

howtallThis wooden picture is gorgeous, I’d love one from my kids, such a cute present. What’s to say about it? Go on, you know you want to!

 3. The ‘Immature Dad’ 


I confess this one is very much me. When asked what I want, I often just say, ‘oh, get me something silly!’ For that reason this category on my website is full of ideas from Beer Belly Pouches to a Toilet fishing game but for something really fun you’ve got to get him an Indoor RC Helicopter!
Yes, I do have one of these and it’s great fun. They have come down massively in price to under £15 and they’re built so much better than the original versions a few years back.

He’ll feel great flying this baby around your head while you’re watching your favourite Soap. There are other models available but this one is virtually indestructible and very easy to fly smoothly.


 4. The ‘Gadget Dad’ 

He’s gonna love this! Wireless CCTV in your home. I invested in one of these as I wanted to catch my dog out. She’s always jumping up to the kitchen worktop when we’re not there and I wanted to see her in action. It worked!
At just over £30 it’s an absolute bargain and could be used for all types of scenarios including keeping an eye on the house while you’re away. You simply plug it in and set it up to your wifi. Then you can log in from you iPhone via a free app or online.

 5. The ‘iDad’ 

apple wireless keyboard You know the sort, he has the latest iPhone, an iPad and he’s always dragging you into the Apple Store whenever you take him to town. I can relate, I am an iDad and so I have considered what I would like that won’t cost a small fortune.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard for his iPad isn’t cheap at nearly £60 but it’s excellent, and he’ll be the envy of his iFriends.

Now if he hasn’t got an iPad this clearly is just going to rub it in but if he has, this is a great gift. I bought one of these last year and it has transformed the way I use my iPad. Perfect for writing emails, blog posts, surfing the net and really any other typing he’ll be doing. It’s just the simplest gadget to install, you turn on your bluetooth, press one button on here and in true Apple style, it just works. No more keyboard covering half his iPad’s screen, now he’ll have unrestricted viewing while his keyboard’s doing all the work.

Other, less expensive ideas are on this website too.

 6. The ‘Sporty Dad’ 

ferrari360 Last but not least, our Sporty Dads. Did you know that for as little as £69 you could send your Dad on a driving experience round a track like Silverstone in the sports car of his choice! I would LOVE this for Fathers Day but I’m sure it will be socks again in our house!

If you want to really push the boat out and tell him how special he is why not give him a day he’ll never forget. Go on, you know you want to!

 No excuses now! 

Well I hope that’s got your creative juices flowing. I’ve put plenty of other ideas on the website too so take a look and for goodness sake, NO SOCKS this year please!

Have a great Father’s Day!


Tank Battle Paintballing


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Fantastic Four Supercar Driving Experience


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Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad

apple wireless keyboard

I love this keyboard! I’m sure to any ladies this would look like a rather dull gift but if Dad or Hubby have an iPad and use it for writing emails, blogs or any other documents, this would go down well, I guarantee it!

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Indoor RC Helicopter


If your Dad’s anything like me he’ll have bought one of these a few years ago when they first came out, slammed it into a few walls then binned it by the end of Boxing Day.

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Wireless Charger for iPhone4 & 4s

iphone charger

I can’t believe how these wireless chargers have dropped in price since they first came out! I remember thinking what a revolutionary idea it was but they were about £100+ if you went for the mat too.

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Apple iPad



What Dad wouldn’t love an iPad!  Even the guy in this German video seems pretty impressed with his :-)

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