Wireless CCTV Camera


I couldn’t quite believe how affordable these are now and whether you’re a Spy Dad or just wanting to keep an eye on your home, this wireless cctv camera would be a great gift.

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Male Girdle


Are you embarrassed of Dad’s flabby belly? Does he keep saying he’s going to diet?

Why not help him out with this fantastic Support Brief Girdle for Men.

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Beer Belly Pouch


Lol, I’m on a roll this morning finding some quality gifts like this beer belly pouch! Can you believe I found these on a blog titled ‘presents not to buy’, go figure!

The only problem I see is that I already have a belly this size so I’ll have to double up with this body shaper I guess!

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Aston Martin DBS Wireless Mouse

aston martin mouse

As Featured on Dragon’s Den, this computer mouse is one of the best we’ve seen!

Talk about office envy, imagine Dad having this on his desk at the office! He’ll be promoted in no time and be able to buy the real thing!

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