Wooden Keepsake Gift


What a lovely gift this wooden picture would be for Dad on any occasion.

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I Love My Daddy Photo Frame


Ahh, I want my kids to get me one of these! What a lovely frame for your special Daddy!

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Solid pewter New Dad keyring


Ahhh, this is cute. A great little keyring to make any new dad feel proud.

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The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know


From buying buggies and cutting the cord to dealing with your wife’s breastfeeding in public – the life of a first-time father will throw up new experiences every day.

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Smartcafe Cafetiere Hot Mug


I saw a friend with one of these recently and thought it was an excellent idea – Proper coffee in a hot mug!

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Toilet Fishing Game

toilet fishing

I’m sure why we’re advertising these, doesn’t everyone have a fishing game in their toilet? No, well you’re in luck!

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Toilet Golf Trainer

toilet golf

Ha Ha! Do we find you some great presents or what!

This is a must have for any golfing Dads or more importantly ‘wanna be’ golfing Dads.

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Thumbs Up App Magnets

app magnets

What a brilliant ideas for the iDad, App icon magnets for your fridge!

Now you can stick all the kids’ drawings on your fridge along with your notes to put the bins out and take the chicken out the freezer (ok, well that’s what’s on ours at the minute!)

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Mumford & Sons ‘Babel’ CD


Mumford and Sons, an English folk rock band were just awarded ‘Best British Group’ at the Brits 2013.
Never heard of them? Neither had I but I’ve jumped over to Amazon, had a listen and actually I like them. What do you think, REM meets Chaz n Dave? Have a listen and see if I’m not wrong!

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