Bluetooth iPhone Dock converter


This wireless receiver is a briliant bit of kit that will turn your iPhone docking station speaker into a Bluetooth compatible device.

This might not give you ladies goose bumps but for any Dad that has an iPhone and enjoys music, this is awesome!

I recently bought this to work with my Gear4 iPhone docking station. Rather than pay a lot more or compromise on sound I selected the best speaker for my budget and then use this to convert it to wireless bluetooth connectivity.

Simply connect; pair with your device and control your music anywhere in the room. With a transmission distance up to 10m you can even control it through walls!

*** No Wires – No Cables – No Separate Charging Required – No Fuss!! ***

No more constantly getting up to change your music! Switch between yours and your friends music easily AND you can use in the car with an iPhone cable.

It works with all Bluetooth enabled equipment e.g. iPad, iPad Mini, laptop, Bluetooth enabled mobile phones – Samsung, Sony, HTC, Blackberrys and all Bluetooth MP3 devices.

  • Premium Edition Bluetooth music receiver at a GREAT Price!
  • Slim and portable design – looks great – sounds great
  • Wireless music streaming from your docking station – keep your phone on you!
  • Crystal Clear sound up to 10m AND through walls
  • Save £££’s – buy this brilliant little device for a fraction of the price of investing in a new docking station

Have an iPhone 5? Why fork for the lightning adapter when you can buy this great little gadget AND keep hold of your device to control your music.

Very Simple to use!! This little device could be your answer to creating a wireless music system at a minimum cost. It’s charged directory from the dock too!


** Not compatible with first generation BOSE docks, B & W (Bowers & Wilkins) or Klipsch docking stations. If you have a BOSE series 1 we have another solution!! Please email info/questions.

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