Blade Runner Whiskey Glass


Bladerunner was a classic movie and your Dad could get the same Whiskey Glass as the one used in the film!

Now you can relax after a stressful day by getting to grips with the very same tumbler used by Rick Deckard in the seminal 1982 sci-fi movie. And when we say the very same we mean it because the moody Blade Runner’s glass wasn’t just a prop, it was a hand-made crystal glass, mouth-blown by artisans at boutique Italian company, Arnolfo di Cambio – and so is this!

This stylish glass is fashioned in a square form, cut diagonally at the angles with unusual tapering in the middle. Let him use it as a geeky ice breaker at your next dinner party and he’ll be boring guests with Blade Runner trivia all night.

An ideal gift for booze-loving Blade Runner fans, this quality piece of retro-modern glassware is more than a prop, it’s a truly iconic drinking vessel with a brilliant backstory. So what are you waiting for?


Oh and if you want to buy him the DVD, get your copy here!


This glass is worth every penny regardless of the connection to BladeRunner. The glass quality and construction is exemplary, it’s large, heavy and beautiful, everything you’d expect of an Italian glass. They’re hand blown so each is unique and the crystal glass used is perfect. Add in the fact that it’s one of the most famous film props in history and it’s a delight!



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