Beer Belly Pouch


Lol, I’m on a roll this morning finding some quality gifts like this beer belly pouch! Can you believe I found these on a blog titled ‘presents not to buy’, go figure!

The only problem I see is that I already have a belly this size so I’ll have to double up with this body shaper I guess!

An ingenious way to discreetly carry up to 4 pints of booze without anyone batting an eyelid! A removable spare tire that also serves a stealth beverage holder. So now you can not only sport the look, but you can also enjoy a tasty beverage wherever you want, whenever you want! The Beerbelly is made up of a neoprene “sling” and a polyurethane “bladder” with a tube for dispensing. The bladder is held in an insulated pouch in the sling which is worn under your clothing for concealment. When worn, it looks just like a home grown organic beer belly. The BeerBelly can take up to 2.3 litres (just over 4 pints) of any liquid of your choice – so now when you don’t have to worry about going backwards and forwards to the beer tent to fill up and, if you’re really stealth, you should be able to save plenty of wonga by filling it to the brim before you head to the football, or main stage of your favourite festival.

beer-belly2I loved one review on Amazon:

I put this on everyday at work filled with 40oz of Vodka and 40oz of orange juice. I might get one for the kids to take to school functions. It also doubles as padding for when your wife want to punch you in the gut.





  • Designed to fit wearers up to 6’8″ tall with up to a 40″ waist.
  • Made of neoprene, sling insulates and feels like skin to the touch under your clothes.
  • Holds up to 2.3 Litres of your favourite drink (over four pints!). Holds either cold or hot drinks.
  • The bladder has a wide mouth opening for adding ice for Margaritas, and to simplify cleaning.
  • When worn under your clothes you just look like a dude with a beer belly.

Go on, give him a laugh!


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