Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad

apple wireless keyboard

I love this keyboard! I’m sure to any ladies this would look like a rather dull gift but if Dad or Hubby have an iPad and use it for writing emails, blogs or any other documents, this would go down well, I guarantee it!
I asked for one for Christmas and I use it most days. I just press the button on the side of the keyboard and the keypad disappears from the iPad screen giving me a full, unobstructed view. Now if you’ve used the keypad on the iPad for anything more than entering names into google you’ll share the frustration of only being able to see a slither of the screen, not ideal if you’re reviewing a page of content.

There are other cheaper alternatives available but as with all things Apple, this is just a piece of art and a pleasure to work with. The keys are so soft and responsive you’ll not want to go back to your PC.

I fully recommend this keyboard as a ‘must have‘ for a serious iDad.

Not everything on this site is personally recommended but this is used daily by me and I love it.


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