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What Dad wouldn’t love an iPad!  Even the guy in this German video seems pretty impressed with his :-)

So you’ve heard Dad hinting about the iPad but you’re unsure where to start. There is currently an iPad4 (4th generation) while you can still buy the iPad 2, so which is right?

Well here for starters are the current prices and I’ve left them as Amazon adverts so they will update automatically.


This is my baby. I have and love my iPad2 and despite the 3rd and 4th generation models coming along, mine in no way looks of feels out of date.

Personally I’m not one for upgrading for the sake of it and if you want to impress Dad without going silly this is now at an excellent price for a super cool gift.

If the main thing Dad is going to be doing with this iPad is surfing the internet, managing emails and playing a bit of ‘Angry Birds’ you possibly don’t need to go any dearer than this. That said, I have shown the benefits of the newer models and will leave you to decide how much you want to spend. I’d always go for the newest model if possible but if you’re concerned you’re spending too much I really think the iPad2 is a great buy.





With the iPad 3 came the hugely improved screen. It’s called their ‘Retina Display’ and has 4 times the detail of the iPad2. This is great for some games (not all are compatible), images that are capable of such detail and the text on pages if you hold it side by side with an iPad2 but I have to be honest and say I am in no way tempted to upgrade my iPad2 for an iPad3 or 4 as the difference isn’t significant enough, and I’m a professional photographer!

Because this new iPad would be handling much larger files due to the extra detail they beefed up the processor too so everything runs quicker. Having said that, the iPad2 is far from slow! If you’ve coming from a laptop to an iPad you’ll be blown away by how quickly you can load web pages and applications like your email or calendar.

Video is improved with compatibility to view 1080p higher resolution. Again, not everyone will notice this, it’s HD TV over standard TV.

Siri was introduced in the iPad 3 as well. If you have used this on the iPhone you will know that you can press a button and ask your iPad a question like “whats the weather like in London today” and you’ll be taken to a weather app. You can also book appointments in your diary, send a text, or call a friend without typing a thing! It’s smart but it’s a gimmick and doubt more than 1% of users actually use Siri on a regular basis.

So the iPad 3 offers a much sharper display but be aware that some websites, games, images wont look any different.

If your Dad likes HD TV then this might be the iPad he’s after.



The iPad4 is very much the same as the iPad3, it’s just faster. Apple incorporated a a new A6 chip which means it can work roughly twice as fast as the previous A5 chip.

The front facing camera has been improved too, so that will give better results for Facetime or Skype calls.

There are other benefits but unless your Dad really does like the latest toy you could save yourself £50 by settling for the iPad3.



One of the big benefits of sending you to Amazon is that you can take a look at all the popular accessories.

Personally I wouldn’t use a screen protector as it compromises the image quality, but if Dads a bit clumsy you might choose to invest in one.

A case is a must have but you’d need to decide if you fancy a nice leather case or a simple yet stylish apple case.

Keyboards are excellent if Dad does a lot of typing on his iPad, either emails, blogging or writing a book. The use of a keyboard gives you a full screen back to view, rather than loosing half of it to a keypad. I use the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and love it. It’s not cheap but it works so well and feels lovely to type on.

There are hundreds of other ideas and we’ll keep adding them here.

If you have questions and would like our impartial advice please email us or simply comment below and let other reply too.


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