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This site has been created to help with the difficult challenge of finding the perfect gift for your Dad. Whether he’s young or old, silly or stylish we believe we have found some cracking presents, many of which you can’t get on the high street.

You can choose by your available budget, by the occasion or by the type of Dad you’re buying for, below we’ve given you the links through. The gifts will overlap in many cases and you should have a good look around, you may see something you’d never thought of.


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We’re having a blast over here and constantly adding presents for dads. The challenge for us is to find plenty of variety so you look good when your Dad opens his present! Please join our email list and you’ll be updated regularly with items that suit you. You’ll also get notified of any great offers we hear of.

 Who, Why What? 

So what’s this site all about, who are we we, why are we doing it and what’s the purpose?

Well firstly, I’m a father of 3, a son to a father and father-in-law so I’m part of my target audience and can speak from both sides of the gift buying process. I love to get great and thoughtful gifts and I always feel bad for handing my dad another polo-shirt or book that he’ll never read. On my quest recently to find a better present I discovered websites offering gifts not found on the high street and better still a website offering hand-made, customised gifts. I am now excited at the prospect of finding my family gifts and thought why not build a website to help others with inspiration.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate I do make a small commission of about 4% through any of the affiliate links on this site. You don’t pay any more, the seller gives me that commission as a thank you for encouraging you to visit their site. I have stayed with Amazon.co.uk for everything I can as I think we all know it to be safe and convenient and there’s not a lot they don’t sell these days. Obviously if you can find a better supplier good luck to you and please do let us know in the comments where you found it.

Our plan is build an informative, fun website that could be your first port of call when faced with the challenge of finding a present for your dad. Please help us by promoting the site and share with us your own experiences of gift buying whether good or bad.

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Please, please, please, if you buy one of the presents we feature, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what he thought to it. Better still, take a photo of him and tweet it to us at @presents4dads!
If you feel we’ve missed a category be sure to email and tell us.

Well off you go, enjoy searching for your dads present and keep in touch!



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